Division 1 Goal scorers

Division 1 Goal scorers

Name Total Team Breakdown
John Pedder
19 Ranmoor Galaxy Goal (19) Penalty (0)
Daniel Commander
18 Ecclesia Phoenix Goal (18) Penalty (0)
Jamie Walton
14 AFC Dynamo Goal (14) Penalty (0)
Ross Thompson
14 Ranmoor Galaxy Goal (14) Penalty (0)
Andy Matthews
13 FC Sporting Goal (13) Penalty (0)
Andrew John Kitson
10 Broomhill Pirates Goal (10) Penalty (0)
Phil Yeardley
8 AFC Dynamo Woodseats FC (1) Goal (8) Penalty (0)
John Phillip Mellor
8 AFC Dynamo Goal (8) Penalty (0)
Jack Trueman
8 Middlewood Rovers Goal (8) Penalty (0)
Joseph Lovatt
7 FC Sporting Goal (7) Penalty (0)
Shannon Marsland
7 Broomhill Pirates Goal (7) Penalty (0)
Rob Gardiner
7 HSBC FC Goal (7) Penalty (0)

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