Respect & Codes of Conduct

SDFPL Fair Play & FA Respect Campaign

The SDFPL was set up with an ethos which included playing football in the spirit of fair play. This has remained a cornerstone of the League and is as important today as it was when the League was set up in 1998. It is the name of the League and it is one of the driving forces of all decision making within the League.

The League introduced Codes of Conduct in 2006 for both Players and Management Staff as a way to formalise the requirements of all who participate in the League.

In 2008 the FA introduced the Respect Campaign, which included implementation of very similar Codes of Conduct. The League immediately signed up to the campaign and adjusted some of the wording within the Codes of Conduct to align with the Respect versions. Since the requirements of the SDFPL Codes are stronger than the FA requirements, certain conditions were left as originally written.

The League has worked hard to further focus and improve fair play, through enhancing the fair play scores, awarding trophies for fair play and monitoring all teams, new and existing, to ensure the high standards already set are adhered to. Read on to learn more!

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Fair Play Fair Play The League introduced fair play scores as part of the match reporting right from the be

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