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Fair Play

Fair Play

The League introduced fair play scores as part of the match reporting right from the beginning in 1998. Initially this allocated a score out of 10 for the opposition team. In 2000 this system was updated to include some specific criteria for the marking of fair play.

A further update was made to the scoring system in 2006, when feedback from managers identified an issue that the score out of 10 was too broad. Thus the scoring was rationalised and a score out of 5 was introduced.

In 2012 the scheme was revolutionised by removing the singular score and replacing with six specific criteria, each to be scored out of 5. This enabled the managers to see precise areas of strength or concern within their teams and gives the Management Committee valuable information about the behaviours within the League and individual teams.

New teams are thoroughly trialled to ensure they play in the right spirit for the League and existing teams reapply each season to re-enter the SDFPL. Fair play scores are monitored and poorly performing teams are advised as to how to improve and are importantly warned that failure to meet the minimum standards required will result in future applications to play in the League being refused.

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