League Division One Goal scorers

Name Total Team Breakdown
Liam Garrett
25 Sheffield Wanderers Goal (25) Penalty (0)
Andy Matthews
20 Brunsmeer Athletic Goal (20) Penalty (0)
David Palmer
17 Malin Bridge Goal (17) Penalty (0)
Adam Hurrell
16 Norton Oakes Goal (16) Penalty (0)
Graham Harvey
16 Totley West End Goal (16) Penalty (0)
Richard Martin
15 City Central Goal (15) Penalty (0)
Matt Helmsley
14 HSBC FC Goal (14) Penalty (0)
Josh Connor
13 Sheffield Wanderers Goal (13) Penalty (0)
Mike Walker
13 HSBC FC Goal (13) Penalty (0)
Jamie Hulley
12 Chancet Wood Goal (12) Penalty (0)
James Kennedy
12 Totley West End Goal (12) Penalty (0)
Ant Baring
12 Goal (12) Penalty (0)

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